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On the road, at last
Bar Harbor

Looking for a New England

Yale Winston Mystic MysticPub FlounderYesterday was Day 1 on the road. I started gently, covering just over 200 miles from NJ to RI via CT. I stopped by New Haven to wander around Yale University's buildings for a while and made friends with Winston (pictured) who mooched a couple of bucks and tried hard to get a ride to Providence.

I spent the afternoon in Mystic Seaport, a spectacular building museum with buildings relocated from around the region around a delightful old fishing and whaling port. A former client who grew up in the area showed me around and dined me in splendid style on locally-caught fish at a charming restaurant his parents patronised before him. The food was great.

These New Englanders (many of whom around that area were prosperous people winding down from busy lives) have quite a lifestyle going for them.

I have had my first encounter with a curious state trooper. He approached me at a gas station and politely asked to see my papers. They passed his review, so I must thank my support team in England and California who sorted out my insurance at immense trouble.

I overnighted in a lovely old B&B in Providence RI and plan to end today in Bar Harbor ME. But let's just see where the road takes me.

A travel tip for anyone crazy enough to try this themselves. Americans are chatty. If you drive with your roof down, every passing pedestrian will compliment your car and try to extract business tips on how to earn the price of such a bella macchina. Even on the freeway, motoring enthusiasts will match your speed and express boundless goodwill through their open windows. This solo trip seems set to be one of the most sociable periods of my life.

Speranza is a beautiful, charismatic Italian who makes friends easily. She's helping me overcome my English reserve.