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Friday morning began at our HQ in Battery Park. After a briefing we moved to the area around Ground Zero. Our tutors encouraged us to approach people to take their photographs and I struggled all day with my English reserve. When told we were students sent out to do street photography by our tutors, people were mostly inclined to be helpful. Education seems to be regarded as a good excuse for anything here.

From there we moved on to Central Park, which was buzzing with activity on a beautifully sunny day. Finally, we jostled with the crowds at "the Top of the Rock". The prime position for photographing sunsets was the prize in an international impoliteness Olympics, which was won by a very determined French lady. Still, the view was amazing.

During a gruelling day, I made 425 exposures of which five were so far selected by the tutors for public critique. Five or so more will get the same treatment today. Despite dire warnings about how brutal the lead tutor would be in assessing our efforts, he was surprisingly gentle. Like most New Yorkers in my experience, his bark is far worse than his bite. Mind you, my fellow-students' efforts were of an alarmingly high standard.

I still have no confirmation of when Speranza will be released from Customs purdah. My fingers are crossed that she will be at liberty on Monday, as planned.


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I have always found the people of New York city to be far more friendly than I had ever imagined before I first went there, save the ticket booth people on the subway. I'm very glad you can use machines now to buy them!

But I doubt you could not ask for a better place to take practise your photography skills.

Fingers crossed for Speranza's liberation. They probably want to keep her and admire her as long as they can!

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