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DSC_2152So far, it's all been fun. Speranza is still clearing customs but I don't need her yet as I am beginning my photography course in NYC this afternoon.

Last night I went out for drinks with an Austrian-American friend who divides his time between Vienna and Virginia but happened to be in town on business. Today I lunched with my friend who has facilitated this adventure by agreeing to take delivery of Speranza at his home in New Jersey. I met old friends and made new ones, all of whom gave me a lot of encouragement.

In an hour's time, my course kicks off and things may get a bit more demanding. I have not made things easier for myself by buying a new lens today to add to my already heavy pack of kit. Some day, I will stop being a collector of beautiful Japanese toys and become a photographer. Let's hope it's soon.


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Great pic!!!


An imperial state of mind?

May your trip be all you hope and dream.


Given that it cost more than my first three cars combined, I hope you are right!


A digital camera might be a disposable toy but a good lens is a joy for a lifetime.

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