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Speranza is on her way

SperanzaHere is Speranza today with Adam, who booked her in at Joe Macari's workshops in London. She is being fettled for shipment to the USA and fitted with a new set of tyres (tires, if you prefer).

The shippers will collect her directly from Adam, so this is the last I will see of her until I collect her in New Jersey on April 29.

Speranza is on her way. I shall join her in the States one month from today.

I am looking forward to the trip of a lifetime - and to getting to know the real America.

I started logging the trip today. You can follow it as it progresses here: 

Click here to TrackMyTour!


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I am very aware of that. She's fettled and has been (touch wood) very reliable. She's also still under warranty and covered by the Global "Ferrari Assist" programme. So if she breaks down somewhere miles from anywhere, Ferrari will send a low-loader. I will hire a car and continue the trip. Not an ideal outcome, but I have more serious fears than that; notably about my ability not to cheek a policeman - I have never responded well to authority!

Robert Edwards

I know that Ferraris are much more reliable that they used to be (I've had a couple) but nonetheless, I trust you will not break down in the middle of nowhere. For if you do, a glorious Ferrari becomes 'some funny furrin' car...' So, California, no problem. Alabma? Hmmm.


I really hope you have a great time, I bet you get some double takes both for the vehicle and for the fact it will look like you are being chauffeured by the invisible man. Might be fun to wire a peaked cap to the passenger headrest ^_^. I bet you get into lots of conversations. Probably one or two with cops.

james higham

Beware envious eyes and trailers over there.

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