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Tom's US Tour 2013 - the final route plan

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I have spent almost two weeks planning my route. Over the weekend I took some hard decisions to get the trip down to a manageable 13,000 miles; thus (I hope) avoiding the need for new tyres and a service en route. It means skipping sections I had looked forward to - like driving to Key West, but includes most of the Great River Road and other highlights.

The Google Maps route-planning feature proved a bit flaky. The way points drift around unpredictably when saved. So I have used an American route-planning tool, MapQuest. It was just as easy to use and, unlike Google's offering, retained the mileage for each leg when saved. It calculates the route as almost 500 miles longer than Google Maps did. Time will tell which is right. The links below will launch MapQuest at the relevant section.

Section 1: Livingston NJ to Hannibal MO (3015.42 miles)

Section 2: Hannibal MO to New Orleans LA (1003.63 miles)

Section 3: New Orleans LA to Birmingham AL (via Vancouver - 7746.43 miles)

Section 4: Birmingham AL to Livingston NJ (1744.90 miles)

That makes a total of 13,511 miles, which at Speranza's quoted mpg is about 900 gallons (US) of fuel. That means stopping at 45 or more gas stations.

I have been told this is the "wildest recreational driving plan" ever seen. A fellow-Ferrari owner fears I will "ruin" my car. Maybe, but I prefer to hope she will fulfil her destiny as a high-performance Grand Tourer.

Enzo Ferrari, I think, would approve.