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EU to set up euro-election 'troll patrol' to tackle Eurosceptic surge - Telegraph.
Sometimes I wish I were more cynical. Then I would not be shocked that EU politicians facing a concerted EU-sceptic campaign would get nasty in defence of their privileges.

Consider the Kinnocks, for example. Neil was perhaps the least effective politician in British history and Glenys was just a small-minded provincial parroting the views she grew up with. The entire family, sitting as a committee, could probably not have passed a GCSE in economics. Yet they became rich - as they never could by wealth creation - on the back of EU taxpayers. Tasked with investigating whistle blowing by the EU's Chief Accountant, Neil fired the whistleblower. It's shocking if you believe politicians when they claim to have a vocation for public service. It's perfectly understandable from their selfish point of view. And though the Kinnocks are a good example, there are versions of them from all the EU countries.

So the EU's political class has "form", one might say, and we should not be surprised if they abuse their power in defence of their seat on the gravy train by directing EU budget towards political propaganda that should be financed by their parties, not taxpayers.

If I were more cynical, I would not be shocked by the EU's civil servants getting involved. After all, they have something of a conflict of interest too. The pretence of their impartiality will not stand long in the face of any danger to their privileged existence. We must expect the British mandarins in Brussels who would actually lose their jobs if Britain leaves the EU to be the most aggressive trolls.

UKIP's deputy leader is even more naive than me, it seems. He observed that:
Spending over a million pounds for EU public servants to become Twitter trolls in office hours is wasteful and truly ridiculous
Only if you look at it from the point of of EU citizens, Mr Nuttall - the one point of view that is never consideed. From theirs, there could be no more effective and important expenditure.