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When will they ever learn?


The fall of the Berlin Wall was the great political event of my life. Though I wore a "free elections in the East" badge at National Union of Students conferences, it was something I never really dared to hope for. I remember either Edward Heath or Keith Joseph quieting leftist protestors at my University by asking the simple question;

If the Wall was taken down, which way would the human tide flow?

They had no answer even then and would be startled, I suspect, to see their political successors arguing the DDR's merits so many years later. The full horror of that police state is now beyond rational denial. 

This is the chorus of the anthem Socialist Unity is inviting you to be nostalgic about. 

The Party, the Party, she is always right!
And Comrades, so it will always remain…
Since he who fights for the right, is always right…
He who defends mankind is always right….
As raised to life by Lenin’s spirit, as welded by Stalin
The Party, the Party, the Party!
How many hearts sank at the effort of singing such inhuman nonsense? I wonder who complained to YouTube about "copyright violations" so that the Socialist Unity video link is dead? Some socialists with a better understanding of effective agitprop perhaps? Or has some arm of the German government claimed the copyright to this tosh in the same way that the state of Bavaria owns that of Mein Kampf - the better to suppress it?