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More children should be in care, say MPs

BBC News - More children should be in care, say MPs

Where do the men and women responsible for the institutional child abuse that is state "care" for children get their arrogance? Even leaving aside the extreme examples of the North Wales childrens homes or those in Islington under Margaret Hodge, people who, confronted with allegations of abuse, call in the police to find - not the abuser - but the whistleblower are not my first choice to look after vulnerable, unfortunate kids.

We do not need state employees selecting foster parents or other carers for their political views. Still less do we need them (as has been alleged in the comments here) threatening employees that if they so much as mention grooming by Asian men they will be dismissed for racism. The abuse of 'kuffar' girls by Pakistani gangs in the North-West went undetected for so long precisely because of such leftist wickedness by state employees.

And before I am accused of racism, let me remark that it took the appointment of a Muslim head of the local Crown Prosecution Service to overturn the previous decisions not to prosecute. Most Muslims in the area are just as shocked as you or me by what happened. They are no more to blame for those crimes than they are for the episodic nonsense (no doubt soon to be revived) of Christmas celebrations being banned as potentially offensive. Those at fault in such cases - from the vile to the trivial - are the politically-correct Left, most of whom are white and middle class.

With such people as the odious Joyce Thacker in charge of social services across the country, I have no doubt that the Rotheram case is quite usual. Few such stories make the papers (usually to be scorned as Mail-reader bigotry) but does anyone doubt that behind the scenes all children in care are subject to indoctrination; probably not all as subtle as rejecting foster parents who vote for the wrong party? God knows my own experiences in a state school in the Labour North did not expose me to any ideas beyond the leftist spectrum. There was the same smug assumption of moral superiority as can be detected in Rotheram council.

Let charity live again in Britain. Give meaning back to the word "care". Close all social services because, as bodies funded by force, they are intrinsically immoral.


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Interesting story. I think he was entitled to be furious at the humiliation of being offered trial by toddler. When I was a baby my parents used to find it humiliating that the landlord sent his small son around to collect the rent. An adult is entitled to be treated as such.

I don't sense any sympathy from the journalist though, and I am sure he got none from the court. The fact that no teacher thought it *wrong* to train little children to be snitches says it all. Pacino's great speech to the fictional Baird School at the end of his Oscar-winning performance in "Scent of a Woman" is a good litmus test for me. Anyone who sympathises with the headmaster is unfit to be around children.


I wouldn't say they trust their government exactly. They don't fear it though and see it as staffed by incompetent but well-meaning people like themselves. Godwin's Law applies big time and any Stasi or other Soviet references are greeted with amused raised eyebrows and suggestions that I might be tending to paranoia. There is a racist assumption that "it can't happen here" as Brits are too civilised and too, well, nice.

As Britain is run by Arts graduates, they are not numerate enough to take debt seriously in quantities more than they can imagine owing themselves. They are not marching to totalitarianism; they are strolling, happily chatting about other things.


You are so right. The bad stuff the press did were already crimes, they are being investigated, people are being charged.

The Existing laws do work when they are used. Sooo why would there need to be stronger laws, more laws to control the press?

I guess one reason there might "need" to be more regulation would be to cover up stuff politicians do that the average citizen might... in their ignorance ^_^ dissaprove of, _if_ it was in the news.

Poor old Tricky Dickie Nixon, born too early and the wrong side of the pond. T_T Not.


On the subject of child indoctrination this Mail story warms my cockles somewhat.

Whilst I do not condone Mr Priest's actions, except stamping on the PCSOs hat, which was frankly genius. I hope the head teacher thinks twice before making her young charges enforce traffic bylaws in the future.

Schrodinger's Dog


Why do you think your educated London friends are so unconcerned about the implications of the Leveson Report? Do they trust the government that much? Do they see it as some sort of bountiful, munificent entity which truly can bring about utopia, if only given enough power and money. Are they unaware of East Germany? Or do they feel building a second one - getting it right this time, of course - is something to aspire to?

Certainly the British people seem very relaxed about granting huge powers to their government, which is all the more curious given the horrors perpetrated by governments during the twentieth century.

I very much share your concerns about liberty in the UK. But perhaps what is most incredible is it increasingly looks the Left has been able to end it without firing a shot.

james higham

More children should be in care ... as parents become less and less responsible, playing into govt hands.


My tense (mostly) silence is largely in anticipation of the Leveson Report. The whole witch-hunt was launched by Gordon Brown's chief henchman in execution of the threat to "destroy your company" uttered in Brown's last words to Murdoch. The actions that rightly offended people were already crimes and will be punished. A whole Murdoch newspaper has been closed, sadly, in consequence. Yet still MORE laws are threatened; laws that will provide cover for dictatorships suppressing free speech all over the world.

It was the abolition of habeas corpus by the Prevention of Terrorism Act that brought me into blogging. If politicians gain control over the content of political journalism this week, for the first time since John Wilkes, it will confirm that there is no hope for liberty in Britain. Frankly, the lack of any concern about it amongst the educated Londoners I mix with is confirmation enough. I dread the final blow.

Moggs Tigerpaw

It really seems a quite scary that these people feel strong enough to be able to take children from good foster parents simply for being members of a main stream UK political party. Especially as the excuse they give is views they claim are racist that seem to be expressed within the two big parties also.

I bet they never thought anyone would dare question them, they are the "experts" they they tell everyone. What would be next if it hadn’t been?

Will they feel able to debar foster parents who vote Conservative, or to take away the biological children of UKIP voters? woukd they do it to Scotish Nationalists?

It’s like they parrot about the welfare of children, whilst mostly being driven by this narrow minded leftwing middle class (I heard someone say metropolitan) elite who think only they should get to tell the rest what to do.

It seems like some horrible nightmare that children who need it most have only these pathetic “Not fit for purpose” users to look after their best interest. Poor children. It really is, as you say, "abuse", and the Children are helpless.

A worrying thought is that it looks like the Prime Minister gave these people an excuse to do it himself, with some political dirty tactics he used, and he sure won’t backtrack now his chickens are roosting in Rotherham.

Another scary thought... Just how much longer will we, or anyone, be allowed to say stuff like this? Without a free press who will call people like that to account, or Politicians who “have done nothing wrong”?

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