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The love that dare not speak its name

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In the linked article, former Ambassador Charles Crawford writes these damning words of the Guardianistis' late darling Hobsbawn;

The Labour Party loved him.

This is no smear. The leader of that party spoke warmly of him as a family friend and good man. How can either Mr MIlliband or his organisation speak for us as "one nation" while not merely excusing but loving such wickedness? Do not their eulogies reveal the truth that the late Professor merely spoke aloud what they believe in their hearts? Their praise of him certainly seems to me a dispiriting echo of their toadying to the Soviets in the years before the Wall fell.

My fear is that their vision of the ideal future remains the Soviet Union, but with better Ladas by virtue of the incorruptibility and superior administrative skills of the bureaucracy in Britain. You may laugh but they have believed stranger things in their time.