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Shrewsbury pickets seek to edit history the Hobsbawn way

BBC News - Shrewsbury 24 pickets' plea over 1973 convictions.

I thank the reader who drew this story to my attention. Some of you may recall I have personal experience of the conduct of the Shrewsbury Pickets and blogged about it here.

Coincidentally, I was driving a member of my family past the housing development where the incident happened last week. I mentioned the story to him and this led later to a discussion with my father. He confirmed, as I carefully did not in my original post (as I did not know him from Adam at the time) that it was Ricky Tomlinson who led the "pickets" that day.

This campaign is a dishonest disgrace. It is a slur on the jury that convicted Tomlinson on specimen charges involving conduct on other building sites such as my father and I witnessed on his. I therefore confidently expect the Labour Party to support it. After all, as its warm eulogies for Hobsbawn demonstrate, it values the Marxist perspective much more than mere truth.


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arthur murray



Go tell it to the marines comrade. I was there. 

arthur murray

More right wing claptrap. At Mold with an independent judge the pickets were aquitted of the charges under the 1875 act. At Shrewsbury with a judge Mais who was educated at a private Shrewsbury school, and the other with the name of Chetwynd Talbot one of the Earl of Shrewsbury mob.we had no chance.
We know that the prosecution produced 15 photographs no picket was committing any offence, in fact the photographs show a peaceful meeting between the workers and the pickets. There was only one picket who was a member of the communist party.
The joker above wasn't there. Its obvious from his letter he isn't a building worker.
Arthur Murray


Stuff and nonsense. Did you not read the post? I was there. I saw the violent intimidation. The verdicts were good and your lying leftist claptrap has no currency here. Save it for the mugs in academia. They will believe any rubbish that fits their Marxist narrative. Their predecessors believed Stalin in their day, the fools.

arthur murray

I was a picket involved in the Shrewsbury Trials. I'm a great believer in the saying that truth will out. Just like Hillsborough,and Orgreive The establishment placemen for the Heath government will be exposed when the shit finally hits the fan.
A Murray

james higham

Glad you're onto this excrescence, Tom.


Yesterday, Wednesday 3rd, my post dealt with Eric The Inordinately Red Hobsbawm. I am inclined to believe you. There was certainly a lot of very rough stuff employed by some unions around. In the 1960's I recall something like this at my fathers factory in a company struggling against foreign competition who needed to make changes. By then he was in his 60's, not very big and mild mannered. Unluckily for the union thugs who tried to punch him in his youth he had been sparring partner to a world title contender.

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