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Shrewsbury pickets seek to edit history the Hobsbawn way

BBC News - Shrewsbury 24 pickets' plea over 1973 convictions.

I thank the reader who drew this story to my attention. Some of you may recall I have personal experience of the conduct of the Shrewsbury Pickets and blogged about it here.

Coincidentally, I was driving a member of my family past the housing development where the incident happened last week. I mentioned the story to him and this led later to a discussion with my father. He confirmed, as I carefully did not in my original post (as I did not know him from Adam at the time) that it was Ricky Tomlinson who led the "pickets" that day.

This campaign is a dishonest disgrace. It is a slur on the jury that convicted Tomlinson on specimen charges involving conduct on other building sites such as my father and I witnessed on his. I therefore confidently expect the Labour Party to support it. After all, as its warm eulogies for Hobsbawn demonstrate, it values the Marxist perspective much more than mere truth.