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The BBC is a worker's co-operative
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Everything except BBC4.


Quite, with one proviso. It isn't work which is being taken by force, it is the power to consume. Paying the QC to do something is only a problem if we believe he should be doing else. Taking money is a problem if we should be spending on something else.

As for work, I'd actually rather not go into the details (too depressing), but I basically work as a semi-skilled, private sector, service industry worker. A bit like a call centre technician. Or a prostitute.

I love money. I just don't think it means very much (or shouldn't) and should mean increasingly little as time advances..


I agree. In itself it is nothing. It has value only as an exchange token. In this case it represents the work of millions of licence-fee payers, taken by force. I am curious as to how you make your living, Mark. Would you care to share? And if your money is nothing to you, would you like my bank account details so you can transfer that embarrassing dross to me?


Well done Mark, but the full quote is:

"You get your money for nothing and your chicks for free"

A rather apt quote for BBC "personalities", and a good advert for MTV.

May we assume you are on the BBC privatisation bandwagon?


Money is nothing.

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