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Anna Raccoon's story continues...

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Six. — Anna Raccoon.

Anna Raccoon continues her efforts in the best traditions of the blogosphere. She was at Duncroft when the alleged abuse occurred and she is calling into question some of the evidence presented to Newsnight. She is taking some stick for it too, poor lady. The comments on her previous posts have been, in some cases, rather ripe.

She is not defending Savile. She's defending truth from people who seem at best confused and at worst in unbalanced pursuit of their Warholite minutes of fame.  In the meantime, the mainstream media is selecting evidence to suit the story as it has already developed. With the nation in the grip of another paedophile panic, it seems journalists don't want the truth to confuse the issue. Some are even telling Anna it would be "career suicide" for them to contradict the accepted narrative.

It's not pretty, is it? Witch-hunts never are. For once that metaphor is chillingly appropriate. Speak any good of the witch, and you risk being called a witch too. The journalists fear to cast doubt on Savile's guilt for fear that the mob will turn on them. 

Anna is being very brave. And as the crimes Savile didn't commit seem likely to be mere footnotes to the ones he allegedly did, she's being very noble too. My fingers are crossed for her.


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N. Johnson

I've been to Anna's blog. She is okay, she has a lot of supporters. A few who doubt her own account, but mostly supporters. By the way, she wasn't at Duncroft when the abuses happened in the 70's. She has never said that. She only discredited Bebe Roberts account of the 60's, which she did fine. She also made some mistaske in her account. She said Miss Jone wasn't at Duncroft in 1094 (she was) she said Merion Jones didn't mention his connection to Duncroft and Miss Jones (him being her nephew and all), which was quite the opposite. He never tried to hide it, but said it himself. But she did a fine job overall, like a good lawyer should do.


The only reason people like 'Tonia' don't like people like Nundy is because she also blew the gaff on the Hollie Greig hoax. They would rather believe in monsters than face facts. I don't agree with everything she writes, and certainly not her politics, but those who try to smear her with the idea she 'protects paedophiles' are contemptible.


Anna Racoon is known to protect paedophiles please read this from the PJC Journal wriiten April 2011

"I would call this a set-up simply because Susanne Nundy has a history. Wherever there is a story of abuse by officials, especially when it relates to children or paedophilia, up pops a swathe of names including Anna Raccoon, Susanne Nundy or under her maiden name Susanne Cameron-Blackie , all ready to ‘assist’, yet strangely the outcome is never the one that those originally abused, or their campaigners envisaged. More often than not they are ripped apart, labelled as nutters and thrown to the pack in the manner we saw with her post about Andrew Withers yesterday. Its almost as if she is a professional Trojan Horse.

Read more at PJC Journal


Who stands to gain from the BBC being discredited in this very stalinist way? Dead DJs and fallen pop stars tell no tales.
As with AGW you have to follow the money. Who stands to gain? Our Climate Change committee is chaired by an MP with vested interests. He and the people who employ him have much to gain from the AGW agenda.
So who has the most to gain from the vilification and break up of the BBC?
Find that out and you'll find the truth behind this story. Thank God for Anna

Henry Crun

Tom, it's not the "truth" they are after. In my view this reaches into some very dark recesses in our society and if a scapegoat can be found, those who are in danger of being found out will use their friends in the MSM to obfuscate and confuse. It seems that Soviet tactics of destroying the reputations of the dead will be in full swing with the Savile case - all it serves is smoke and mirrors to distract from some very dirty little secrets.

Ms Harman called for a full independent inquiry on the weekend. Given her past associations, she should be very careful what she wishes for.

Pat Nurse

We smokers have been saying the same thing about witch hunts and the failure of the media to be impartial, balanced and present some truth rather than hysteria.

Mainstream journalism is in a mess. You might as well say that most of it today, on very important issues anyway, is simply mainstream propaganda.

Modern journos don't appear to understand the meaning of scrutiny or balance.

Good luck to Anna. Anyone who aims for truth as opposed to the "accepted" view of what is "true" should perhaps be BBC head of news :)

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