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A Conservative Woman’s Manifesto

A Conservative Woman’s Manifesto.

I feel the need to share the linked post with you. It is dignified, funny and true. It is amusing that it should end up on one of President Obama's campaign websites in response to the usual leftist nastiness about their opponents. I wonder how long it will be allowed to remain.

I would only add that the Left's condescension to women is matched by that to every group it seeks to badge as victims. I know there is always a chance that fate will make a victim of us but I don't see any reason to waste our precious time on thie Earth by volunteering for victimhood.

h/t Old South


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OldSouth sends his thanks and warm wishes. Keep us all in your prayers here in the Colonies. OS fears things could get ugly between now and next January.


TY Tom, You wouldn't need to be told it was US politics with the first part being devoted to the issue of abortion.

I also saw she mentioned free birth control tying it in to left politics and women's rights.

Now I do know studies (that James will probably not accept as having been conducted by someone he disagrees with) in Missouri where condoms were provided free to teens resulted in a huge drop in abortions.

I wonder it it cut down on STDs also?

Personally I figure enlightened parents should make sure their kids are properly informed about the birds and the bees and supplied with condoms, but not everyone has smart sensible enlightened parents. I think it is generally good that kids who can't get them anywhere else easily can get them somewhere.

There are all sorts of arguments for and against how having a condom can promote promiscuity (the study and others knock that argument over), also people talk personal responsibility. But in some communities for girls to go into the local drug store/pharmacy and buy a condom, well it would be a difficult thing. So they don't, and often not being so clued up on the birds and the bees get pregnant.

I do kind of go with her general take responsibility for yourself thing. She sounds just a little bit like a comittee looking to hit all the buttons tho.


The link works for me, but here is the good lady's text, written in response to the classy Obama slogan "vote as if your lady parts depended on it".

I will vote Republican because I stand on the side of personal responsibility. I understand that while I have the freedom to make my own reproductive decisions, any lack of planning on my part does not constitute a crisis on someone else’s. Nor does it create an excuse to forfeit human life. I understand that my wants and desires don’t trump someone else’s freedom of speech or religion. I understand that forcing a religious institution to violate its conscience for my personal convenience would make me the worst kind of hypocrite.

I stand on the side of equality. Meaning, I believe that as a woman, I am perfectly capable of making decisions to provide for myself. Being on an equal footing with men negates the need for special concessions from the government to take care of you. I don’t need or want free “goodies” because I understand that a government that is big enough to give me everything I want is big enough to take away everything I have.

I stand on the side of intellectual integrity. Meaning, I don’t traffic in salacious scare tactics by insinuating that anyone would ever think that domestic abuse was justified. I don’t throw around flamingly false accusations that a political party is trying to take away birth control. I understand that tying “women’s rights” to “free birth control” is an insult to women. It shatters the notion that we have broken that glass ceiling, when—all these years later—we continue to allow attention to only be drawn to our reproductive system. Come on.

I stand on the side of moral integrity. Meaning, that though I have the freedom to behave in whatever manner I want, I choose to live a life worthy of the gifts I’ve been given. I understand the meaning of “TMI” and choose to behave accordingly. It’s called having class. I don’t appreciate my gender being hijacked by women who sacrifice dignity and self-respect on the altar of an “enlightened” sexuality. Your sex life does not belong in the political arena any more than the world revolves around you. Don’t embarrass me in front of my family and my colleagues in the adult world while you continue to childishly confuse vulgarity with liberation. One cannot be truly empowered if one doesn’t even have the power of self-restraint.

So perhaps we can agree to disagree in a lady-like manner. I am fine with that. You can call me archaic, ignorant, indifferent, and “NUTS” or worse, that’s fine. I will smile and say, “Have a nice day!” You see, I am truly, wonderfully, and grace-fully free, choosing to celebrate my womanhood, my motherhood, my intelligence, my ability and my challenges, my joys and sorrows, my integrity… and the knowledge that a woman’s real beauty shines from the inside—reflecting her strength of character.

But please, there’s no crying in baseball, and there should be no whining in politics. Quit making it difficult for those of us who understand that rights = responsibility. Please quit muddying the water of a woman’s voice in government but pretending you speak for all us. You don’t. I’m a card-carrying member of the NRA, not the NOW. You don’t speak for me, because I am, in fact, capable of talking about bigger issues. You know, like the $16 trillion national debt or the current crisis in the Middle East. Women are really that smart. We are! But when you claim that women’s top issue in this crucial 2012 election is birth control, how could you pretend to be seeking true equality?

So I will vote Republican, focusing on the real issues in this country. I choose to vote like our economy depended on it. I choose to vote like our Constitutional rights depended on it. And I’ll choose to vote with my brain, thank you. I just believe better decisions come from that end.

Written by Amy Clark

james higham

I would only add that the Left's condescension to women is matched by that to every group it seeks to badge as victims.

Indeed, Tom, indeed. I seem to recall you warning me of that before.


I get a blank page comes up. maybe you should have copied it?

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