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As ever please click on the images to enlarge them and, though the Pew Research Center is a serious body, take the results of all such pop quizzes with a pinch of the proverbial condiment.

You can find the quiz here, if you want to try it yourself. I guess most libertarians will get very similar results, though the lack of an "it's none of the government's business" option will make for unreliable outcomes on social issues.

Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 11.11.49
Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 11.12.13

h/t Guido


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David A. Evans

I seem to be somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan by that Pew poll.



I took your other one also and came out in the bottom right lilac quarter a few squares from the middle digaonally. There were no politicians, or anyone in that quarter.


weird odd results tho they are not absolutely crazy, bit two dimensional. Moderate Republican Over all, Average republican Economically between Average democrat and independant Socially.

I am young on social Issues (average republican?) old on economic.

I am on the female side with social issues and the male side economically.

Racially it has me on the liberal side of hispanic on social issues, economically I am white (how weird is that as a designation?)

Religiously I am democrat/independant. so democrat is a religion? Economically I am white evangelical.

Politically It says I am an Obama supporter on social issues Economically it has me squarley as a Romney supporter.

About Harry... Well I think it all does less harm than the uptighters will want us to think.

I know he is not quite average, but he really is a young single military guy. I expect you could loose count of those who did something similar in the last month or two in Vegas. Has he really done anything wrong?

I think far far worse of the ones who took pics, the ones who let them and the scumbag Murdoch who tries to pretend making a big deal over it is in the public interest.

Oh and the ones who bought that issue.

james higham

May I suggest you try this one instead - it's more balanced:

james higham

Tom, I just took the survey and it is c***, excuse my French.

I challenge the survey as being of a leftist mindset. It throws people way over to the right on a linear chart, asking only a few brief questions and thinking itself very clever for being able to discern attitude on that. There were so many issues it did not ask about but assumed that if you were, say, against gay marriage, then you were an extremist on the right. It did not explore nuances or how you might be more liberated on other things, for example that you discerned between adults and children in your responses.

A conservative produced survey would have done that. On the other hand, it went into nuances when I answered as a "liberal". My views are no different to what people in the 50s had on key points - i.e. centrist and the Political Spectrum survey in fact puts me there.

So what has changed is society's falling away and this survey is a product of that assumed.


They are none of my business James, but I don't disapprove. I certainly disapprove more of the person who sold the pictures taken in private. I also disapprove more of the pathetic Royal protection officers who allowed camera phones into the room.

james higham

So you'd approve of Harry's antics, Tom? :)


I was the absolute opposite - beyond liberal democrat on economics, republican on social issues...


I am reassured to see I am not alone


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