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December 82 (13)
This used to be my local when I lived in Cambridge. I remember it as a rowing pub and recall being targeted as soon as I entered on account of my height (6' 7") and (then) general fitness. I declined the proposal to take up the sport and rather regret it.

But I digress. Coming across this picture when digitising my photos it struck me that it's a pub named after an idea. Most British pubs are named after the aristocrat on whose land they stand, heraldic devices, national heroes, landmarks or local legends. I can't think of any others named after ideas.

The closest I can come is "The Old Trip to Jerusalem" in Nottingham, where knights congregated to set out for the Crusades. It might be said it's named for the idea of the triumph of Christendom, or it might be said I am over-reaching.

Any other suggestions?