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Drivers to have 10-year health checks

Drivers to have 10-year health checks under driver licence reforms - Telegraph.

I have absolutely no desire to survive my driving licence. Life without driving a car is unthinkable to me. It's bad enough that the government claims the right to decide who may operate this particular type of machine at all, but imagine the scope this will give the nanny statists given their constant redefinition of the word "health".

Do you drink more than their made-up safe limit per week? Do you smoke? Are you (like most of the England rugby team) in excess of their stupid BMI ratio? Do you believe the British state your greatest foe? You are clearly unhealthy in body, mind or both.

Dear government, please go and do something useful. Like finding ways to stop bankrupting our nation.


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Some solicitors/lawfirms are good, some basically incompetant. Try and get any comeback agaisnt the incompetant ones...


As your own story proves, the state is bad at this job, as at every job. There are thousands of people in Britain driving on licences issued because they produced one from a country whose licences are deemed comparable, but who bought those other licences from corrupt officials. As we had officials in the Home Office selling passports recently, I don't guarantee we don't have "servants" selling driving licences too. 

Hold people fully accountable for the accidents caused by their driving and let people sort it out between themselves and their insurers. Your province licences the old lady with blackouts, but will a sensible insurance company cover her? If so, at what cost?

Driving recklessly (including reckless of one's health/ability) and/or uninsured should of course also be crimes, but puhlease don't tell me that state certification proves anything. As for my pilot, yes he has to prove that. To me. His licence could as well be administered by a voluntary but reputable body, or by the airline pilots association or whatever. The thought that he has proved it to the Mauritian aviation authorities gives me no comfort at all.

Are solicitors in Britain more or less reliable now that they have the dubious benefit of a state-authorised regulator than they were for the thousand-years plus when they admitted (and struck off) their own?


I sure hope I don't survive my driver's licence either. Since I live two kms from the nearest bus stop public transport is NOTan option. But I hope if I am not capable I'll know to stop driving.

How do we get those people off the road who should not be driving other than by some restrictive law?

An elderly friend in her 80s, who has already totalled one car this year due to a blackout, just bought a new car and recently renewed her driver's licence. Everyone over 80 in this province has to provide a medical certificate every two years saying they are fit to drive but are not compelled to prove it by a test. Personally I think that would make sense. I certainly never drive with this woman and haven't in years. Too scary.

On the other hand I would drive with another 88 yr old friend any day because she is an excellent driver and would pass any test.

Be sure the pilot on your airplane had to prove he/she is healthy. Do you think that unreasonable and intrusive too?


James, These days it looks like seniors in the UK are lucky to survive the _care_

Yes I know you typo'd car but it made a half serious funny)

james higham

My stepdad was like that, Tom. He lost his licence and actually sat the test and got it back. Was no point without that freedom, he opined. The care, of course, survived him.




Oops sorry. I guess the holiday relaxation kicked in. Perhaps I had best take a break.

Moggs Tigerpaw

Must have really bad paper deliveries and really old papers in Mauritious ^_^


Umm, that article dates from December 2008. It doesn't seem to have happened yet, thankfully.

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