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'Online snooping' scheme expected to cost at least £1.8bn | Technology |

The national debt continues to rise, yet the Tories have £2 billion to spare to snoop on our online activities. It will cost much more in the end no doubt, as government IT estimates usually bear very little relation to reality.

The government is very welcome to inspect my private communications if it has sufficient prima facie evidence of criminal activity to persuade a judge that it should be able to do so. That's how the law stands. For all the moral panic that the Home Secretary and senior policemen are trying to create and for all their bullshit about "total war on crime" no change to that position is necessary, desirable or affordable.

Theresa May can call us conspiracy theorists to her heart's content, as long as we retain the freedom to call her an authoritarian disgrace to a party that claims to believe in liberty. OK, Theresa? Of course, it might be better if we could converse about it intelligently. Some hope.

Incidentally, our leftist chums over at the Guardian's site are remarkably sound in their criticisms of the plan now that it's coming from the vicious, right-wing Tories. Check out the comments and you may find yourself amazedly applauding. I don't remember them being quite as vocal when this authoritarian twaddle was coming from the Labour Party.


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james higham

Theresa May can call us conspiracy theorists to her heart's content

She can bloodywell hand in her resignation for a start.


You have it right Tom. "Authoritarian Twaddle" Love that way of putting it ^_^ That's generally what you get from government... any government.

They need to do it to "protect" us from "ORGANIZED CRIME! and TERRORISTS!" and absolutely "The innocent have nothing to fear" NOT.

Not when they use thir new laws to crack down on "organised crime" like putting out too much trash

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