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I have made a donation today to the British Pakistani Christian Association to support its campaign to free Asia Bibi, a Christian in Pakistan who is to be hanged for "blasphemy." The alleged crime is described variously as having taken the form of refusing to recant her Christian beliefs or "drinking from a well designated for Muslims only".

I am prepared to match the donation to the first British Muslim organisation which formally joins the campaign. Some of my intellectually sterner readers complain when, despite my own atheism, I sympathise with the religious. This case offers fuel to their views, but also an opportunity for believers of all faiths to prove them wrong.

Two Christian politicians have been murdered in Pakistan for opposing this barbaric blasphemy law and there are threats from Muslim clerics that people will "take the law into their own hands" if Asia Bibi is released. It is disturbing to think that there are people of Pakistani origin living in this country who nurture such hatred in their hearts, but apparently - according to Harry's Place - that is so. Sitting here in my London home I can't say that I have ever read more chilling words than these;

There is evidence that the case against Bibi is being directed, funded and organised from London.

If so, then shame on those who are doing it. I hope their fellow British muslims will persuade them to see the error of their ways. There should be no place on these islands for such barbarism. The purpose of this blog is to oppose the erosion of liberty in Britain. British citizens baying for the execution of a woman exercising her freedom of thought is - to put it mildly - part of that problem.

h/t Harry's Place


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“drinking from a well designated for Muslims only"? That sounds like Al Jim Crow.

Plenty of the “great and good” would be all fired up if it was “drinking from a fountain designated for whites only”, but that would be “racist” and this isn’t “racist” at all.

This is “cultural”, so it is ok isn’t it?

james higham

I have made a donation today to the British Pakistani Christian Association to support its campaign to free Asia Bibi, a Christian in Pakistan who is to be hanged for "blasphemy.

Straight to heaven for her. I feel the time will be upon us soon when we'll all have that choice to face. In the meantime, I'll also follow this up.


"drinking from a well designated for Muslims only"....sigh.

It was not so long ago that such edicts attracted world condemnation and economic sanctions from the UN but especially the leftosphere, I am thinking of South Africa.

That the UN is a racist, do-nothing organization that bows down to the likes of Mugabe and Chavez is well known so we can expect no action from that quarter and the left are complete cowards when a hint of taking brown-skinned peoples to task. Perhaps though we should expect some statement from Mr Hague if he can divert his attention from Syria for a few seconds.

And what are we to expect from our home secretary when these threats emanate from citizens in Forest Gate-complete silence. The koran's hateful doctrine of women and christians exposes this women to life threatening jeopardy, it is about time your politicians exerted sovereignty of the laws they are bound to uphold over a medieval way of life described in a so-called "holy" book. Religion has it's place in society, but not above the law.

Your (and to be sure my country's politicians are no better) political classes are completely detached from reality preferring instead to chase ego-stroking headlines provided by the latest imposition of regulation of its law-abiding citizens but completely ignoring (in this case) inciting arson.

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