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Factual Free-Market Fairness

Factual Free-Market Fairness | Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

I am on the road today, visiting the old haunts of the original and best Tom Paine. I am unlikely to post anything substantial, so I merely recommend you to the linked article described by Cafe Hayek as "The greatest blog post ever written". Almost as much as the post itself, I enjoyed the debate in the comments and particularly this observation by one Terry Mcintyre;

It is not enough to point to "market failure" - the proposed solution must actually be an improvement; it is not logically permissible to wave a wand and say "a miracle happens, and a politician emits the Perfect Solution which Fixes Everything."

Does that remind you of anyone?


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Two out of three are wicked examples of statism. Abolishing slavery might actually be an example of a state doing something good. A very small state though.


hmmm... sorry

e government will always provide a better solution.
What about the conquest of South America, the Mongol Hordes, the Napoleonic wars, actual slavery... all caused by "statism", I suppose... the fact is that people have a tendency to do unpleasent things - markets require cooperation, which is good, but isn't there a danger in assuming that mutual agreement will always provide a better solution? In many cases, it just isn't feasible.


You called?

The linked blog post provides us with a litany of problems which have occured in the last 100 odd years and blames people for assuming that th


True, but I was thinking of Mark. B^)


Does that remind you of anyone?-indeed it does, every Prime Minister since at least 1948 (with the possible exception of Margaret Thatcher)

Of course this line of thinking is not only pursued by the the UK, perhaps FDR in the USA was the primary culprit, though at least he built useful infrastructure.

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