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Classical liberalism - Part 6: Anarcho-Capitalism
Stefan Molyneux debates the role of the state

Classical liberalism - Part 7. Concluding thoughts

This brings the series of videos that I have posted here to an end, with some closing thoughts from Dr. Ashford about the role of government and some definitions of political categories. I hope you have enjoyed the series. So which school do you belong to? Which of the various political categories, from anarchist to totalitarian, do you belong to? And which, based on what I write here, do you think I belong to?



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Suboptimal Planet

Finally got around to finishing the series.

I think I'd read/heard most of it before, but it was well presented and would make an excellent introduction to those unfamiliar with classical liberalism.

Thanks for sharing it.


Hadn't thought of that, thanks.


Innocent until proven guilty is a legal nicety for courtrooms, it does not hold sway at children's funerals where emotions can run very high.

Vindictam primum et interrogare post would be the order of the day, so to keep the peace and avoid a lynching I don't see there was much of an option.


Anarcho capitalist


I thought it was a well done, and surprisingly balanced video series - thanks for featuring it.

I'm in the anarcho-capitalist, or voluntarist, camp and I suspect you're in the minarchist camp.

As an aside, are you aware of the case of the Derby couple accused of starting a fire that killed their six children? (

I ask because it was the children's funeral today, and (according to the BBC) the parents weren't allowed to attend. Is that right? Aren't they innocent until proven guilty? Even if they couldn't afford the bail it seems pretty heartless to me.

And if it turns out they're innocent then how much compensation will this cost the taxpayer?

Thanks, and sorry for all the questions.

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