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A new political party for libertarians?

Are you interested in getting involved? | A new political party for libertarians.

After the unhappy outcome of the last attempt, many of you will be as nervous as I am about trying again. Still, until we organise ourselves to get the message out, libertarianism in Britain will remain forever on the fringe. It's pretty clear after all that the Conservative Party's libertarian tendencies, pace Dan Hannan and Steve Baker, are dead forever.

The linked site has been set up by Gavin Webb - the only councillor the old Libertarian Party ever had - as a place where people can register their interest in forming a new party. I cannot help but sigh at the thought of having two parties - we will look like 'splittist' lefties - but it's worth thinking about.

Please register your interest. You are committing yourself to nothing but will help Gavin assess the possibilities.