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The Last Ditch is not going to become a food blog. You should still look to Sicily Scene and others for your culinary fix. However, I thought this photo of a few spoonfuls of granita served in a tower of ice might amuse you. Bruno Oger's presentation of food is certainly imaginative. The tower is hollow, about the size of a piece of drainpipe and is illuminated by an LED standing on the plate beneath it. It looked impressive when eight of them were carried in procession to our table last night. If you get the chance to sample M. Oger's food, I recommend you seize it.


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It tasted very good. I was a guest so I am not sure which menu it was from, but the prices range from €70 to €185 so it's possible to experience such food at (by London standards) quite reasonable cost.


It looks nice. Did it taste nice? How much did it cost?

N. Mouse

May I have a spoonful please?

james higham

El Bulli has nothing on this.

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