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Last year a very kind reader of this blog (whom I have never met) arranged for mass to be said for the soul of Mrs Paine at an Abbey in Provence. She was a French teacher by profession and a lover of that country. Provence was where we most liked to holiday in later life, so it was very appropriate and I was very touched by such a generous gesture. Yesterday, Navigator and I visited the Abbey. It is a beautiful, peaceful, modern place, only founded about the time that Mrs Paine and I first met. Once again, in my atheism, I found myself envying the faithful.



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james higham

Time can change much, Tom.

Captian Ranty

Praise the lord.

David Davis

Old friend, that was very nice. There is an astonishing degree of order in the Universe, and I as a scientist am pleased to think that God has seen fit to let us into His mind, just a little, so we can see it too - and maybe a bit more, and more, and more, as time flows. If He is right, then Mrs Paine has merely been borrowed from you, by Him, for just a little time, a few seconds in God's eyes. Perhaps He just wants to say stuff to her, to do with herself as a human being, which you'll find out later when she tells you. He'll do that to you too when you arrive.

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