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We are not there yet, alas

It's sad to watch America take the path to perdition trodden by Britain since 1946. Money for nothing is a myth. There is always a price to pay. Britain has certainly paid a price in moral decay, as more and more of our people take no responsibility for the welfare of themselves, their family or their nation. All this, while loudly proclaiming how much more they 'care' for others than the wicked people who actually create the wealth to feed, house and 'educate' them all.


America still has some economics professors (and others) trying to reason the Entitled Ones away from the siren voices of the statist politicians of right and left. Britain's academia, however, is at the very heart of the national swamp of entitlement. We may have no (or at least very few) teachers left to tell our young people that these ideas are both wicked and wrong, but life will do it in the end. The hard way, alas.

h/t Maggie's Farm