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JuliaM posts about so many of these stories that it's impressive she can maintain her outrage. Sadly the problem is more profound than a few misguided judges or social workers. In current political thinking, these are not miscarriages of justice but examples of social justice. There is no notion to which the statist left in Britain is more hostile than personal responsibility. Since the leftists' agenda is to promote social 'solutions' to all life's ills, they need us to believe that we are not free men and women, but victims of forces beyond our control.

Even the meanest intelligence can refute this. During two years of my young life spent working as an unskilled labourer I often heard colleagues say, when confronted with "social" excuses for misbehaviour, that their lives had been just as hard but that they didn't do such things. They could distinguish between an excuse and a justification, even if our intellectuals could not. Now however, as documented byTheodore Dalrymple and others, criminals are well versed in socio-babble and ready to portray themselves as society's victims, rather than predators. 

That journalists, social workers, judges and even some senior policemen believe this drivel is mere proof of George Orwell's sage dictum that:
"There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them"
Until there is a fundamental shift in Britain's ideological alignment, JuliaM's outrage will never have chance to subside.


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That's right. It's not just clearing Westminster and Brussels of the sludge but fundamentally altering the perceptions of people to come back to an age of responsibility and some form of common sense. The ones out there now are too far gone so it's going to be the ones after Gen Z who'll rediscover common sense.


I like dogs. Since I was tiny in fact. I do believe that the cause of bad dogs is generally bad owners, bad training. But if a dog has been raised to be vicious, or dangerous, then it is dangerous and needs to be put down.

I would regret that it needed to be done. I would feel sorry for the dog because It was not the dog's fault. None of that would chnge my mind about it needing to be put to sleep.

Now I don't think every criminal should be put to sleep, but I do think it is how they are behaving and what that does to other people is the first thing a judge ought to have in mind.

He should regret that they were once a cute baby with all the potential in the world and they were badly raised by their family, their teachers and their state. He should remember they are people. Then he needs to deal with what they have become and If he can't be strong to do that he needs to take retirement.

If he does not then we're all prey till we decide we can't rely on the law. And that is a bad place to be.

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