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RIP Steve

Tributes to Steve Jobs | Technology | The Guardian.

Steve Jobs managed to live just two years longer than Mrs Paine. Cancer cut him down in the end though his wealth gave him unrestricted access to the best medical care in the world. I feel for his family today. They will feel that all their wealth and all their luck is in vain. I hope they will soon be able to look back with gratitude on a life lived well and thoroughly.

He was a business genius and - like all despised businessmen - did more good than any do-gooders. He was not really a technologist at all. Unlike his geeky competitors, he loved not the hardware or software, but what it could do and how well - if beautifully designed - it could enhance our lives. He made the world a better place, while making his partners, employees and family richer. This video is the closest he got to articulating what motivated him.


He was lucky, not because he was rich, but because he found what he loved to do. It's instructive that wealth can't buy you health and safety, but it's encouraging that you don't need it to be lucky. Passion, love and family life are available to all, rich and poor. 'Don't settle'. It's good advice.

RIP Steve.