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Britain ranks poorly in global 'fairness' league. So?

Britain ranks poorly in global 'fairness' league | Society | The Guardian.

A left-wing newspaper reports that some left-wingers at a German think tank report that Britain is not left-wing enough. Colour me astounded.

Life in Britain is not 'fair.' As every properly-raised child will have heard a thousand times in the course of his or her upbringing, life itself is not fair. If there is anything fixably unfair about life in Britain however it is this; an oppressed minority of the British population are time-share slaves for more than two-thirds of each year in order to keep millions of slave-drivers in idleness, uselessness or both. 

I don't suppose the Guardian thinks anything should be done about that.


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Tom, I figure that comes from the secret baby instruction manual that UI guess must be issued only to women.

It includes instructions on dealing with HORRIBLE!! nappies. ^_^


To be fair (although life isn't!) they wouldn't be Guardianistas if they did. Why can't Cameron just cut their oxygen supply by moving all public sector jobs ads to a government website? Without all that public money the Guardian would be deader than your average dead duck and Polly Toynbee (assuming that money is not secretly her motivation) would be the most boring blogger on the internet.

What useful function does this hateful, anti-business, puritanical, priggish, self-satisfied, miserabalist rag really serve?


Do we share the same mother or something?

Henry Crun

Life isn't fair, full stop. The sooner the Guardianistas realise this, the better.


Along with, "..but X did it first." "Well if X put her head in the oven would you?" ^_^

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