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Vincent Cooke's plea for family to flee before 'stabbing burglar Raymond Jacob 6 times' | Mail Online.

White trash Time will tell if justice will prevail for Vincent Cooke. I hope so. He resisted a forced entry to his home; protecting his family as best he could. We all hope we would have the courage thus to act if occasion (God forbid) arose. As a probably unintentional result of his bravery, there is one less villain for the decent people of England to provide for at the behest of Westminster's gangsters.

More shocking than Ray Jacob's banal evil is that his friends had the temerity to lay floral tributes at his victim's home. They have no shame, apparently, in being photographed doing so. Could the moral collapse of England be more complete?

h/t Nourishing Obscurity


Footnote: The Maserati GranSport (not a Granturismo) on the victim's drive might have cost £70,000 new, but it's not a current model and is now worth far less. How odd that the Mail concentrates so much on the apparent wealth of the victims, as if it somehow excuses a violent invasion of their home. Has socialism taken such root in Britain that right-wing newspapers now favour redistribution of wealth; even of the amateur variety?