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Teenage sisters sentenced over plot to kill their grandfather, 89 | UK news |

This beggars belief. As for the judge's concerns about the would-be murderers' youth and immaturity, my only question is this; how much 'maturity' does it take to know it's wrong to batter your granddad with housebricks? I am fairly sure I knew that before I could lift a brick.

I am also sick and tired of the use of the word 'vulnerable' as in;

The judge described the three girls as "vulnerable" and under the influence of the mother, adding that they had acted out of fear of her.

The 'vulnerable' person here was the dementia-sufferer attacked with deadly force. Not any of the brick-wielders. Some people have nasty parents but turn out nice. This proves it's possible. Therefore all who don't are responsible for their own nastiness.

I give it 24 hours before The Guardian is blaming you and me - with our shocking bourgeois focus on traditional morality - for this incident, so let me get our retaliation in first. The Guardian-reading, Fabian Society-supporting classes, with their relentless assault on morality, education and the nuclear family share the blame for this shocking attack. If only they could experience just one searing moment of self-awareness, that would be justice enough for me.

If I were this poor old gent, I would rather have died than know my family for what his are. Dementia is not normally considered a blessing, but perhaps in his case, it is.