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Top 40 Libertarian blogs | Total Politics.

Thank you very much to all of you who voted for me in the Total Politics Blog Awards 2011. Given how subdued my blogging has been in the past year, I am pleasantly surprised to have a place in the rankings at all - especially as I didn't bleg for votes. I shall study deserving.

I confess I arched an eyebrow slightly at a couple of the names. All are respectable, anti-totalitarian folk but surely one or two are plain, if not simple, Conservatives? That party has a dark history of libertarianism in opposition but authoritarianism in office.

I am delighted to see my friends Ms Raccoon and Mr Puddlecote so deservedly high in the league table. I am also happy to see the team at that generally worthy, if occasionally rather eccentric, new venture The Orphans of Liberty come straight into the charts. Congratulations to them and to the other 36 worthies.