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Dear old Auntie Beeb and her funny little ways
What the USA's liabilities look like in $100 bills


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Mr Ecks

The wicked leftist fuckwit will have little to laugh about soon when the arrogant states of the world can't pay their bills even with all their thieving, borrowing and bogus fiat currancy.


Are you laughing to yourself?


Tom's defence of Melissa on my blog is provoking equal hilarity.


You are correct, he will not be invited back.

I heard a brave attempt from someone called Melissa Kite on the Any Questions programme on Friday night. While she wasn't exactly libertarian she attempted to tell the truth a few times. Here is a lefty response to one of her attempts on that show (she called the Nazis socialists which elicited actual jeering and ridicule from the host David Dimbleby and the audience).

I am truly staggered by the extent of BBC bias sometimes but it is refreshing when a somewhat normal person gets onto a show and isn't cowed by the atmosphere.

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