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Stony Stratford tomorrow: Please try to be there
So much for that

Success at Stony Stratford!

DSCN1389DSCN1382Our boy done good. More than 100 souls showed up to express their contempt for Cllr Bartlett, including Dave Atherton, Witterings from Witney, Misanthrope Girl, The Boiling Frog, Fuel Injected Moose, Lid on a Scream, Anonymong, Christopher Snowdon, Nigel Farage, Bill Etheridge, Patrick Hayes, David Odell and Roger Helmer.

Bill Etheridge of the Freedom Association pictured Winston Churchill's response if the infamous Cllr Bartlett had tried to snatch his cigar as he walked down the streets of Stony Stratford.

Patrick Hayes of Spiked urged us to draw a line in the sand and make a start at getting our freedoms back.

Roger Ebert MEP, who hasn't smoked for 40 years, pledged to join us all in a civil disobedience smoke on the streets of the town if the ban is passed, "...even if I throw up afterwards."

You can see highlights of the speeches here.

Nigel Farage of UKIP, like all the speakers, was very clear that smoking has precious little to do with the matter. Rather, this is about halting the advance of a state that has lost any sense of its proper limits.

Be in no doubt this event was a great success. Well done that man Puddlecote!


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Suboptimal Planet

If you enjoyed that, you'll love the EU's advice to children:

Need advice on how to stop yourself from being tempted?

This web site will help you resist.

They're busy considering an EU-wide smoking ban:

Suboptimal Planet

"I sincerely hope that this event gets the publicity it deserves."

Well, it seems the BBC didn't feel they could ignore it:

Would have loved to see their little news segment in the making.


I've just seen a TV advert on the dangers of passive smoking and telling smokers to "take seven steps out" of the house for the sake of the chiiiiildren.


james higham

"Normalize Cllr Bartlett"


Pat Nurse

which is why I think our next protest should be in Wales that is hurtling towards a car ban to force smokers to quit using the children and non existent traffic accidents as the excuse.


So agree - the very 'House of cards' upon which all this relies for it's continuation and extension.


We have heard lots and lots and lots about 'the next logical step' as regards the extension of smoking bans.
We have yet to see 'the next logical step' as regards the termination of such bans. But it is beginning to happen.

What is critical is to 'DENY' SHS harm - especially to children. I will say that again: ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN. The idea that children are damaged by SHS is nonsense.

This idea needs to be understood.


Well done all concerned. Were I not an expat myself I would most certainly have been there. I sincerely hope that this event gets the publicity it deserves. For far too long the MSM in UK has slavishly followed the orthodoxy as decreed by those who would control us. It's time the tide was turned...


Thanks WW. I have updated the post to add a link to his blog. It was good to meet you today.


Nowhere in sight, though rumoured to have been thrown out of an establishment on the High Street by its proprietor today. Local businesses are very clear that they see this as a stupid, damaging idea.


One I forgot to mention while you were posting those bloggers in attendance is Velvet Glove, Iron Fist aka Christopher Snowdon.


Was Bartlett anywhere in attendance?

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