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I'm going to tattoo that slogan on my arm.

Suboptimal Planet

Accidentally is right.

What's depressing is that the so-called Torygraph is impressed by some of these.

Take this one:

Okay, so "teachers, nurses, doctors, and firefighters" may not have "crashed the stock market, wiped out banks, [or taken] billions in bonuses" but do these people honestly think that they pay tax?

All they do is hand back some of the taxpayers money that they have been given.

As for wiping out the banks, that's only our problem because Gordon made it our problem. And the corrupt system that leads to stock market crashes and obscene bonuses would not exist were it not for government interference in markets.

Sorry ... a bit too earnest for a jolly post like this ... time for a double espresso.

[For some better placards, see Martin Durkin's documentary, Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story ]

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