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Public/Private wage gap 'widens'

Public sector workers paid 7.8pc more than private sector as wage gap 'widens' - Telegraph.

Although economic illiterates keep telling us that "public sector workers are taxpayers too" those 'taxes' are purely cosmetic. In fact they are worse than that. The bureaucracy wastes a hefty chunk of the 'tax' in administration costs before repaying it to public employees to be 'taxed' again (repeat ad infinitum). Because of that endless 'fiscal churn', it would make far more sense to pay public sector employees the net amount tax-free and save the overhead.

It won't happen because that would highlight (to the annoyance of the public sector unions) the fact that the government is ruthlessly exploiting private sector workers for their members' benefit. Bearing in mind, of course, that not only do our public servants masters earn 7.8% more than us, but also draw pensions of which we can only dream.

Do read the linked article in full for the boost to your flagging blood pressure from the snootiness and arrogance of the TUC spokesman quoted. He claims it's all because public sector workers are better qualified and more important. I imagine him saying it in the plummy tones of the Edwardian Knut (or is it cnut?) his attitude recalls.

Having read it, please calm down and consider - even he were right - what future there would be for a country that deployed most of its best people into non wealth-creating tasks.