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David Cameron is in the sewer because of his News International friends – Telegraph Blogs.

If, as Peter Oborne asserts, David Cameron is "in the sewer" because of his relationship with Murdoch's minions, then he is not alone. That metaphorical sewer must be as capacious as the metaphorical closet from which so many millions of homosexuals have emerged in recent decades.

Before Cameron was Rupert and Rebekah's buddy, they had others. As The Independent's diarist commented last January (defending the non-criminal naivety of Gordon Brown);

Gordon attended the wedding which allowed Rebekah Wade to re-style herself as Mrs Brooks, while Mr Tony famously arrived at a Christmas party, at Elisabeth Murdoch's home, on that same Rebekah's arm.

The organised hypocrisy that is the Labour Party continues on its corrupt and vicious way.

The gentlemen of the press are the natural enemies of politicians. Some of them having misbehaved, all of them (not least those at The Telegraph who exposed Westminster's corrupt expenses culture) can now expect a vicious settling of scores. I don't care much about the benighted hacks themselves. I care still less about the political fallout, as each side of the House attempts to fix the other with guilt by association. A plague on all their houses. My only concern about this affair is that it provides perfect breeding conditions for bad laws that undermine press freedom and our right as citizens to know.

As obscure backbenchers, too insignificant to have been allowed at the News International trough, preen vengefully in synthetic moral outrage, please just remember this. Your telephone calls and emails are monitored at will and with no recourse on your part by the very entity they will offer as the solution to such misbehaviour.

Some members of the press have let you down, no question. However freedom of the press remains your ally in the endless struggle against your most dangerous enemy; the British state.


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Precisely. What about the government snooping?


If some form of (further) restriction on freedom of speech doesn't come out of this my faith in politics will be ever so slightly restored.

But I reckon that's one Restoration that just ain't gonna happen. Our Rulers can't stand even the remotest possibility of truth being spoken to power.

Suboptimal Planet

Personally, I'm much more concerned about David Cameron's relationship with Sir Reginald Sheffield than I am with his connection to Murdoch's minions.

It's offensive enough that our government squanders taxpayers' money on useless wind farms, but we must seriously question Cameron's impartiality when his father-in-law is a major beneficiary of this transfer of wealth from poor to rich.

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