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The Guardian: Offenders should NOT get their just deserts

Reverting to 'tough' justice fails both adults and children | Society | The Guardian.
When someone writes that offenders should "get their just deserts" you assume they are a tabloid journalist.
But when someone thinks offenders should NOT get their "just deserts" and indeed holds the very concept at arms length with disdainful quotation marks, you KNOW he's from that brainless, simpering gangster's moll of newspapers, The Guardian and is thoroughly turned on by a bit of rough.


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In fairness to our unjust friend, not according to the Oxford Dictionary. "Desert" in this sense is derived from "deserving" - i.e. ones deserts are what one deserves. Of course you sometimes deserve a dessert too, in which case I suppose it's a just dessert.


stan mann

A real journalist might know that in this expression, "desserts" is customarily spelled with a double "s".

Trooper Thompson


that says far more about yourself than anyone else.


How much easier to oppose a fantasy than reality, eh David?


Ah how different are the visions conjoured by the words Just desserts .... whenever I see it without quotes I always imagine the author is a retired colonel eager to get at the naked bottoms of young boys and girls with a birch ;) Which if they are writing in the Mail or Telegraph is probably spot on!

Trooper Thompson

Any kind of justice would be a step in the right direction, but I have next to no faith in this government improving matters.


They get their jusat deserts in more ways than one. Not paying attention in school, learning a trade and not restraining ones emotions and passions will lead to further difficulties later in life.

Tough love, from an early ages as possible, is much better than what any guardianist can offer.

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