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Mr Worstall speaks for England

Oh fuck off you miserable little wankers.
Tim is unhappy that our warriors fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be brought home to their families via the back gates of RAF Brize Norton rather than the streets of Royal Wootton Bassett. He says that;

Tories used to get this military shit and how did we come to a situation where even they are so damn ignorant?

In the comments, JuliaM remarks;

Sure, back when they were Tories

Quite. It's not time for me to rejoin the Conservative Party just yet, it seems. Please don't confuse my disgust at this decision with any sympathy for the war, however. Can anyone guess which politician so tellingly described our role as deputy to America's world policeman thus?

In our imagination the vanishing last vestiges... of Britain's once vast Indian Empire have transformed themselves into a peacekeeping role on which the sun never sets. Under God's good providence and in partnership with the United States, we keep the peace of the world and rush hither and thither ... putting out brush fires and coping with subversion. It is difficult to describe, without using terms derived from psychiatry, a notion having so few points of contact with reality.

I think you might be surprised at the answer.


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Laban Tall

Partly for the sentiments (he seems to by no means have been a nostalgic imperialist, but a man always capable of facing a truth squarely - e.g. his speech on the Kenyan internment camps), and partly for the beautiful use of English.



Laban Tall

I'll hazard a guess that it was Enoch Powell.

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