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Isn't the BBC in the public sector too?

BBC News - Warning of public sector strike threat to UK travel.

I am looking forward to Thursday. Since the strikers won't be paid, the unions will deliver the first real reduction in public spending since this farce of a government was cobbled together. Thank you, brothers. The only thing that could possibly improve my day would be for the agitprop merchants at the BBC to remember that they are public sector workers too.


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Peter Whale

The new and old and same BBC all are equal.
Blair Brown Cameron
British Broadcasting Corporation
Bullshit Bullying Clueless

Sums them up well I thought.


The critical failure of this government for me, is the constant rolling surrender in the face of BBC editorial opposition. If the BBC thought for one minute they could assist the unions by striking they would, watch them down tools during the next tory party conference.

It will ever be thus until people have the option not to pay for their own indoctrination.

Trooper Thompson

The first thing occurred to me also. The government should be thanking them for their selflessness, and use the opportunity to study how many of them are actually needed.

As for the BBC, agreed.

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