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Eurocrats pushing for further integration - Telegraph

If I ever contemplate rejoining the Conservative Party, it's because Daniel Hannan is a member. If he can hold his nose amid the statists, maybe I can too? His article in the Telegraph today makes a simple point and makes it well.

Britain’s net contribution to the EU budget rose by an almost unbelievable 74 per cent in 2010, from £5.3 billion to £9.2 billion. This is more than the government has saved in all its domestic cuts put together, yet has provoked no angry marches through London.

Why is that exactly? Why do the guns of the Left fall silent when the EU has its hands in the nation's pockets? It's nothing to do with it providing a remunerative home for the political failures and incompetents of the member states is it? Or a temporary refuge for the politically-pressed?