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Eurocrats pushing for further integration - Telegraph

If I ever contemplate rejoining the Conservative Party, it's because Daniel Hannan is a member. If he can hold his nose amid the statists, maybe I can too? His article in the Telegraph today makes a simple point and makes it well.

Britain’s net contribution to the EU budget rose by an almost unbelievable 74 per cent in 2010, from £5.3 billion to £9.2 billion. This is more than the government has saved in all its domestic cuts put together, yet has provoked no angry marches through London.

Why is that exactly? Why do the guns of the Left fall silent when the EU has its hands in the nation's pockets? It's nothing to do with it providing a remunerative home for the political failures and incompetents of the member states is it? Or a temporary refuge for the politically-pressed?


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Peter Whale

Pogo, talking about the problem is a start. That's what we are doing. Until the problem is talked and becomes news mainstream there will be no action.Dan Hannan is not perfect but he mentions in the MSM the right things. When food and fuel start to be state controlled and rationed then you will see movement and action.


Dan Hannan is what would be described in Texas as "all hat, no cattle" in that he "talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk". He's very entertaining to listen to but appears utterly spineless in making any contribution to tory policy.

Just another cloned "professional" politician.

Single Acts of Tyranny

Ha ha ha......

You need to have teenage daughters to know apparently


What's X-Factor?


I agree absolutely. Basis points of reduction are going to make precious little difference. Personally, I think 25% would be a good beginning.

Single Acts of Tyranny

I think it is because the subject isn't reported widely and is drowned by X-Factor, sport, celebs etc.

Suboptimal Planet

Also, £3.9 billion is a tiny fraction of the national deficit (never mind the debt). If, despite all appearances, the Coalition is serious about balancing the books, there will need to be significant cuts to the British public sector regardless of what we do with the EU.

Suboptimal Planet

"Why do the guns of the Left fall silent when the EU has its hands in the nation's pockets?"

Concentrated benefits, distributed costs.

Those who marched in London were those who personally had a lot to lose (together with some hooligans along for a bit of fun). In contrast, £3.9 billion in additional taxation (or borrowing) doesn't make much difference to the lifestyle of the average taxpayer.

There will come a breaking point, but the poor turnout at the Rally Against Debt shows that we're not there yet.


Bit more meat on those bones:

Money quote:

The [European] Parliament’s special committee on the financial, economic and social crisis, which after sitting for 18 months and sending delegations to countries hit by the said crisis, has issued recommendations to prevent it happening again.

The answer: member states have to boost their contribution to the EU budget from 1.06 per cent of economic output currently to 5-10 per cent.


Because they're morally and ideologically bankrupt. Easy-peasy.

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