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The French equivalents of the EDL?

From our hotel balcony in Paris this morning, Mrs P. and I had a view of an interesting demonstration against "mondalisation". Assorted nationalists (including, amusingly, a French skinhead wearing a biker jacket with a Union Flag on the back) expressed their concerns about Islam.

A black bandana obscuring the face is hardly chic attire for Sunday on the rue de Rivoli however.



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I'm sorry, you are quite wrong. If anything these are the French equivalent of the UAF. They are anarchists. Take note of the flags in the video.

There is a French equivalent of the EDL. And they wanted to hold a march, but in Lyon, a "marche des cochons" on the streets regularly occupied by Muslim prayer. It was however banned by the authorities.

Suboptimal Planet

Such a shame that only the Nationalists seem prepared to stand up to the Islamists.

Of all the things New Labour did, probably the most dangerous was to throw open our borders to millions of people who do not share our values, with no expectation of assimilation.

It may seem a strange thing for a libertarian to say, but we are a democracy, and democracies are especially vulnerable to demographic changes.

Open borders will have to wait until the world is a much more libertarian place.

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