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Rally Against Debt!

Rally Against Debt | The TaxPayers' Alliance. I wish I could be there, but Mrs P and I will be in transit from Venice. I hope there is a good turnout. Someone, in the face of public servants now earning on average (and taking account of their pension provision) 43% more than their productive paymasters, needs to say a few public words for fiscal sanity. It might not be as exciting as smashing windows to protest "cuts" that merely slow the rate of increase of our indebtedness, but it's far far more important.


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That's good to hear. It was the only demo in my life I ever wanted to attend and I was sorry to miss it.


It was a good rally. There were enough people to provide at least some significance and the speeches were interesting. The Libetarian speakers provided better arguments and delivered them with greater force and eloquance than their two conservative counterparts.

scott huminski

U.S. Police State Target (rock music video) Released

Anti U.S. Police State Musician/activist, Scott Huminski, releases his 6th rock video with his band Scott X and the Constitution Commandos.


And what was that "alternative" then? To carry on taxing and borrowing? Not very novel. And from what *other* economy does the money come to stimulate this one? Please google the broken window fallacy.


Important and therefore to be ignored, Tom.


You shouldn't believe the media regarding the public sector earnings or their focus on the very minute incidences of violence during some of the recent peaceful demonstrations.

The recent mass demonstration in London was to highlight an alternative to the cuts, one that would boost the economy. I think the media for some reason forgot to report about that...

Ian R Thorpe

Sovereign debt is certainly a bigger threat to our way of life than climate change.

The real threat though is supranationalism. While the exchanging of ideas, free movement of goods and free but controlled movement of people between national communities is good the direction we are moving in now, of a global government can only lead to suppression of individualism, national and regional cultures and the exchange of ideas.

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