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The French equivalents of the EDL?

From our hotel balcony in Paris this morning, Mrs P. and I had a view of an interesting demonstration against "mondalisation". Assorted nationalists (including, amusingly, a French skinhead wearing a biker jacket with a Union Flag on the back) expressed their concerns about Islam.

A black bandana obscuring the face is hardly chic attire for Sunday on the rue de Rivoli however.


A Very Disconnected Elite

If he expected the outcome to the referendum to be such a massacre, he would never have bargained for it. First past the post implies, nay demands, a two party system. So what little point there ever was to the LibDems (and - by the way - UKIP) is gone.

Nick Clegg is either part of a disconnected metropolitan elite that has no idea what the natives of these islands want. Or he's an idiot. Either way he is an amusing footnote to history.

A Very Disconnected Elite