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A glimpse into the envious minds of Britain

A glimpse into the modern home of David and Samantha 'two kitchens' Cameron | Mail Online.

Mrs P. alerted me to the linked Daily Mail article because she was upset by its envious tone (and even more so that of some of the reader comments). She's right. The Cameron's new kitchen is pretty mid-range, mostly, but had it been state-of-the-art, designer stuff who could properly care, given that they paid for it themselves? Do those sneering away at the Daily Mail site imagine that the official residences of Europe's other leaders are in any way furnished (or even their fridges stocked) at the occupant's own expense?

As for the sob-story stuff about the Blairs not being able to afford a decent kitchen in the Prime Ministerial gaff, do please pull the other one. I suspect the Blairs (to use an expression I hate) could buy and sell the Camerons today. Admittedly most of their wealth is a by-product of Tony's, ahem, selfless public service, but they (thanks to Cherie) were hardly short of a bob when they first walked through the famous black door.

As for the heir to the Marxist Miliband fortune (preserved in part by those tax avoidance techniques so despised by Guardianistas when used by businessmen) I am sure he will be able to afford the whole Poggenpohl catalogue if his time ever comes. Again, as long as he doesn't get it off the infamous John Lewis list, so what?

It's nice to be home in England in many ways, but the vicious, childish envy that permeates the media here is depressing. There is a reason all major religions regard envy as a terrible sin. Its consequences for social cohesion, crime and economic development are dire.

Which of the seven deadlies is most common in today's Britain? For my money, it's a toss up between sloth and envy. Envy is probably worse. I can just about tolerate an idle man - at least if he enjoys his leisure at his own expense without envying others who (or whose parents) made other choices.


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Envy gets it for me. I can understand people not wanting to work and lay about all day but it is envy that drives them to vote more taxes, more hidden taxes and persecution of those who they think have more that their share.

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