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Guardian journalists -vs- morality

Manipulating morals: scientists target drugs that improve behaviour | Science | The Guardian.

Clearly I wouldn't expect anyone from the Guardian to have a problem with drugs to alter your beliefs (as long as they are to be modified to be the same as theirs). Nor would I expect anyone to be surprised at the potential uses for such drugs imagined by a Guardian journalist;

a treatment for racist thoughts, a therapy to increase your empathy for people in other countries

Natch. Give her a minute and she'll come up with the idea of curing the urge to make money for one's family too. I hope I am not alone however in thinking that moral manipulation by pharmaceuticals is itself immoral.

The commonest insanity in modern Britain is the belief by one imperfect human that s/he has the right to impose his/her views on others by force. The control freaks are the true crazies.