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Spread the word! #RallyAgainstDebt

Please spread the word! : Rally Against Debt.

The old cynic in me fears that the Rally (conceived, I am sure, as a Facebook witticism but now gathering momentum) will be a damp squib. If so, there will be lessons to be learned. Right thinking bloggers will earnestly/bitterly juxtapose the recent militant fervour of the massed parasites against the indifference and placidity of their long-suffering hosts.

The idealist in me (and the Misses Paine reckon me more a frustrated idealist than a genuine cynic) rather hopes the organisers pull this off. I may even get on a plane to be there to witness the dampness of the squib or (hope against hope) the glorious ignition of the libertarian revolution.

In the meantime, friends and fellow-victims of state robbery with violence, please do like the man said and spread the word.