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Imaginary Stories: There should be a law against it

Child poverty shames the UK – so use the budget to invest in our young | Paddy Ashdown | Comment is free |

Even necessary laws are evils. Unecessary laws are worse. Yet, with leftist imaginations given legislative free rein, it's hard sometimes - even for a libertarian - not to fantasize about the things one might forbid if given power. If allowed one non-libertarian law of my own devising it might be this;

"It shall be a criminal offence, punishable by a lifetime ban from public office, to use the word 'invest' in relation to public expenditure from which there is no reasonable prospect of a financial return."

In the spirit of the Red Kryptonite-laden "Imaginary Stories" of the Silver Age of DC Comics, what other laws would tempt libertarian readers from their principles?