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Out of purdah soon?

I took a step towards resolving my work situation today. I have a new home, of which more soon. I am out of the clutches of my lawyers (but still dealing with my accountants). With luck, Mrs P's recently scary medical situation should be sorted out in the next week so she can join me in our new location (and begin learning our new language). Meatspace issues appear (God save the mark) to be coming under some kind of control.

I should therefore be able to resume blogging this month. Watch this space...


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Glad to hear it

Best Andrew

Andrew Duffin

All the best to all the P's.

Colin Campbell

Take care. Sounds awful.


Mrs P's medical situation sounds a bit scary, I hope she is OK!


Sounds mysterious, frightening and exciting, Tom.

Peter Whale

Best of luck and look forward to your musings. I wish you and your family well.


Hope all works out and look forward to reading your posts once again.


About bloody time too! :-)

Devil's Kitchen

Best of luck, LD: it'll be good to see you back...


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