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A Merry Christmas to all
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A belated happy new year to all!

If there is one thing worse than a blogger blogging about blogging or bloggers, it's a blogger blogging about himself. So I shall take only seconds of your time to apologise for light posting. I am going through big life changes; some good, some less so. There is no cause for worry. All will be well. For now, suffice it to say that The Last Ditch's masthead needs another redesign as I have left China.

"Normal" service will be resumed when I have redefined that difficult word in the context of my new circumstances! I have not joined the ranks of ex-bloggers. Please don't delete The Last Ditch from your bookmarks or RSS feeds. If you are a fellow-blogger, please don't remove it from your all-important blogrolls. I shall, d.v., return!


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Suboptimal Planet

Hope your move goes well (to wherever it may be). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on China.


That's very generous of you, but I shall not be darkening the UK's shores for a while just yet. I should be up and running again with the blogging in a couple of weeks.

David Davis

Hey there old fellow, are you OK? You have not reported from the back of the Convoy, for a while. Not on a couple of drifting rafts, are you?

You can always come to Lancs and sit with me for a while in the Chimpanzee-type-writers' Nissen Hut (duty-blogger section), and drink tea or whatever it pleases you to ask us for.


Good luck with whatever's happening in your life.

I look forward to casting my vote in your next masthead selection process!

Andrew Duffin

All the best Tom.

Whatever's going on I hope you work it out - remember, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your welcome return!


Hurry Back.


Noted, and Happy New Year

Trooper Thompson

I've still got Mr Eugenides on there, so you've got time to gather your thoughts still.

Peter Whale

Happy new year Tom. i wish you and your family well and wait for you to return.




I'm quiet as well but will bounce back one day.

Richard B

Glad to see you back- was wondering where you had got to. Hope all is well. If you change the masthead, don't bin the photo - one of the reasons for coming here is the lovely colours on that boat. I just love that mustard yellow! Must have had a favourite something in that colour long ago :) All the best.

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