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January 2011

Parish notice

A belated happy new year to all!

If there is one thing worse than a blogger blogging about blogging or bloggers, it's a blogger blogging about himself. So I shall take only seconds of your time to apologise for light posting. I am going through big life changes; some good, some less so. There is no cause for worry. All will be well. For now, suffice it to say that The Last Ditch's masthead needs another redesign as I have left China.

"Normal" service will be resumed when I have redefined that difficult word in the context of my new circumstances! I have not joined the ranks of ex-bloggers. Please don't delete The Last Ditch from your bookmarks or RSS feeds. If you are a fellow-blogger, please don't remove it from your all-important blogrolls. I shall, d.v., return!