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This is what teaching them to write got for us
An Extraordinary Speech

Why don't we have politicians like this?


I don't ask because of his policies but because of his honest, direct style. Since the days of Tebbit and Thatcher, there has been next-to-no honesty in our national debate, precisely because of the galvanising effect of their transparent honesty on the working-class electorate. Is it too much to ask that our state is run by people elected on the basis of honest debate? Apparently it is, because it means we, the people, will not make the choices the statist establishment wants.

Political correctness is not a fashion or fad. It is a deliberate construct designed to stifle debate. It amounts quite simply to smearing all who venture an opinion outside left-liberal parameters. It has turned "Tory", "Conservative","right-wing", "free enterprise", "entrepreneur", "banker", "businessman" and even "libertarian" into terms of abuse. To describe oneself in those terms now seems more an admission than a boast. It will take politicians lke this guy - ideally of all political and economic persuasions - to restore honesty to our political lives.

Given how well dishonesty has served those now in power, it's sadly rather hard to imagine.

h/t Peter Risdon


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Lord T

Easier than I thought.


Lord T

There was a follow up somewhere where he refused to speak to the head of the union because they had no fired the guy who wrote the EMail. Sorry, lost the link as I am wont to do do.

He recorded the (short) meeting and played it to the local rags.

I'll see if I can find it again.

Peter Whale

The best bit of straight talking I have listened to by a politician in a long time.

Trooper Thompson

I like it.

Dick Puddlecote

Brilliant. None of the best pal pussy-footing we see from Cameron et al. More of his kind please.

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